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Interior Design in Charlotte, North Carolina

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Upscale Urban Design  provides broad services to a wide range of clients in venues both residential and commercial. We offer multi-variant talents and more than 28 years of experience. While our love of Traditional interiors remains strong, markets are trending toward a more urban influence.

Our firm is one of the few in the area to address this underserved clientele. We have successfully completed hundreds of interiors in all the major industries, including residential, corporate, health care, hospitality, and educational facilities. Our company has methodically built a reputation for producing interiors that reflect their owners' personal taste, while also respecting time and budget.

Meet Our Designer

Dickey  Choate, Interior Designer

Dickey Choate's  career in furniture sales and design began in 1990, upon receiving a degree in Interior Design. After gaining 4 years experience with an office furniture dealership, along with a true understanding of the design industry, she formed her independent company  Design Consultants Group, Inc.  She  developed a reputation for providing highly stylized furnishings at affordable prices.
In a feature article in Charlotte's The Business Journal, the company's success was attributed to "pluck, determination, and stylish flair," along with the "ability to furnish spaces which increase productivity and inspire morale." In addition to her success in  Commercial  Design, Dickey also accomplished a great deal of success in the upscale Outdoor Furnishings industry,  Hospitality Design  and luxury Residential Design.

In 2006, she formed a collaboration with other like-minded designers to pursue projects with an emphasis on modern design. Thus began Upscale Urban Design. Dickey Choate serves as Lead Designer

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